Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Nepal with reality

In Nepal more than 80 percent population are Hindu and 10 percent believe in lord  Buddha. It was okey, there was not any conflict between any religion or any community. it was going well. the monarchy also behave equal to all religious community.
yes by the time everything use be change  but if we want to change anything we must have reason not only that change means must be something good. So what is the reason to convert from Hindu state to secular ? is there any reason ? and is it better now then before ? No the leader doest have answer for such questions. In the world Muslim have countries Buddhist have,and other religion also have but 3rd largest community Hindus country only one in the world convert to secular.
Even it wasn't change by referendum so is it justice ? still have time should be get solution by referendum for some issue before rewrite constitution.

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