Friday, May 5, 2017

The story of rebels In Nepal

In 2001 , there was civil war in highest level in Nepal. Specially influences in my district and the maoist  began revolt against of government and monarchy from my district .
It was very tough time for civilian, if civilian support to army then there was highest risk from maoist to get attack and if they support to maoist then same condition repeat from government side. one night the group of maoist came to my home and they asked about either large amount or me to join their battle against of government, due to lack of money we could not get any solution so finally I had one option that I must join their battle without any interest.
After a week they arrived at my home then they took me in middle of forest. I had found many young over 13 years with a weapons, they also left school as me due to same situation even young girls also with weapons. I got lot of training from senior about political lesson specially principal of communism then I also participate with a group to use weapon to against of royal nepal army.
in that way I spent my life a decade, in this period and my parents got many troubles from army, they came to ask about me to my parents. in that decade we have lost more than 20,000 citizens either army or maoist not only that we had destroy many Infrastructure either school or government offices.
In that current moment , the king had took over all the power that's why the seven political parties became close to the maoist. finally in 2005 November 22 happened agreement between seven political parties and maoist in Delhi then
revolution stared in nepal, finally in 19 days the king did revive the parliament then in 2006 November 26th there was peace agreement between government and maoist.
many time they have been elected and even became prime mister but they don't change the situation of our nation, even they became more careless for nation then king so my question is that for what we lose more than 20000 people and destroyed many Infrastructure

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