Friday, April 21, 2017

story of migrate nepalese

Today I'm gonna write a story about one of the migrate Nepalese citizen. This man is belong to north east Nepal. since his childhood, he grew up with agricultural environment not only that the period of schooling  he did help to his parents while they plant to  paddy. that all this thing reveal that he is fully aware about agriculture.
But the problem is that he didn't continue to farming rather he left his country and migrate to Qatar to get small amount, since 4 year he has been working at Qatar he hasn't seen his family and his children. I suggest him to return back to his home country to continue to engages   agricultural then he answer me he does not like agricultural rather he blame to government, according to his opinion  if KP oli get opportunity to become prime mister minimum 5 years the he can positive  change the nation, he fully admire kp oli.

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